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Guns for Sale - COP Inc., Torrance, Calif. -- COP 357 Magnum 4 shot Derringer LNIB Free Shipping

Guns For Sale : Derringers - Item# 8772299

This Auction has Ended
COP Inc., Torrance, Calif. COP 357 Magnum 4 shot Derringer LNIB Free Shipping
Winner: t**********4
Current Price: $750.00
Seller's BuyItNow! Price: $800.00
Quantity:1 lot
Auction Closed:September 8, 2008 17:51:04 PDT
Auction Type:Basic Style
NRA Grade:Excellent
History: 1 Bid(s) ($750.00 starting bid)
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Location (State): Nevada (NV)
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Seller's Description:

Twenty Five Years Old!
This is the very unique and hard to find 4 shot derringer called the COP
which means "Compact Off Duty Police". Originally designed as a
concealed backup weapon, the COP is a 38 spl/.357 magnum derringer
pistol with 4 barrels and an unique rotary firing pin. This COP is in
excellent condition with clean bores and the finish is virtually
pristine. This COP comes with the original beautiful blue clamshell box
and the manual. All stainless steel size 5.5" and the weight empty
is 28oz. The gun is no longer manufactured. This model of gun was seen
in the movies "Bad Boys" and "Bladerunner" and on an episode of
Battlestar Gallactica. and the Matrix.

COP 357 Derringer:
The COP 357 was a 4 shot Derringer type pistol chambered for the .357
magnum round. It was designed by Robert Hillberg, based on earlier work
on the Hillberg Insurgency Weapon.

Manufactured by the now defunct COP Inc. of Torrance, California, the
double action COP packed the power of 4 rounds of short-barreled .357
magnum in a package only slightly larger than the typical .25 ACP
pistol, which made it a good choice for a defensive weapon or a police
backup gun.

COP stood for Compact Off-Duty Police.


* Caliber: .357 Magnum (Can fire .38 Special as well.)
* Weight: 1.75 lb (0.8 kg) empty.
* Height: 4.1 inches (10.4 cm).
* Length: 5.6 inches (14.2 cm).
* Width: 1.062 inches (2.7 cm).
* Action: Break-open with extractors for reloading, double action
trigger with rotating firing pin selector.
* Capacity: 4 rounds

Construction and operation of the COP 357

The C.O.P. 357 is quite robust in design and construction. It is made of
solid stainless steel components. The pistol actually has a unique
4-into-1 barrel. Cartridges are loaded into the four separate chambers
by sliding a latch that "pops-up" the barrel for loading purposes,
similar to top-break shotguns. Each of the four chambers has its own
dedicated firing pin. It uses an internal hammer, which is activated by
depressing the trigger to hit a ratcheting/rotating striker that in
turn strikes one firing pin at a time. Older "pepperboxes" also used
multiple barrels, but the barrels were the part that rotated. The COP
357 is unique in that it uses the ratcheting/rotating striker, which is
completely internal, to fire each chamber in sequence.

Two frequent complaints about the COP 357 are that it is too heavy to be
used as a backup gun, and that the trigger pull is too heavy for rapid
fire—even heavier than most modern revolvers.

Film appearances
A modified version of the COP 357 was used in the movie Blade Runner. In
addition to some minor cosmetic changes to the gun, the ratcheting
striker was modified to fire two cartridges at a time. Using two blanks fired
simultaneously created a huge flash for dramatic effect. It should be
noted that modifying the striker to fire two (or more) bullets at a
time would violate the National Firearms Act and could be categorized
as an unlawful machine gun by BATFE. Furthermore, such modifications
could create too much chamber pressure and cause the barrel to explode
seriously injuring the shooter and bystanders.

Monica Bellucci's character in The Matrix Reloaded uses a COP 357,
supposedly loaded with silver bullets, to shoot a primitive henchman

In the Battlestar Galactica episode "Home, Part II", James Remar's
character Meier has two Cop 357s and gives one to Grace Park's
character, Sharon. Aaron Douglas's character Chief Tyrol refers to the
COP as a "Stallion", noting that it's "old" and "not military issue".
In the episode "Sine Qua Non," attorney Romo Lampkin threatens Lee
Adama with a COP 357.

In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Bad Guys", a security guard character named
Jayem Seran attempts to capture two of SG-1 using a COP357. The gun is
never named or fired.

In one of the final scenes of "Bad Boys" (1995), the main villain "Fouchet"
(Tchéky Karyo) draws a COP .357 from his ankle in an attempt
to kill Detective Lowrey (Will Smith).

Replicant Brion James has one in the opening scene of "Blade Runner"
(1982); during the psychological evaluation.

In Training Day, Roger has a COP 357 under his book when he gets a visit.

In the 2007 movie War, Kira threatens a henchman with a COP 357.

COP 357 Derringer:

The COP 357 was specifically designed as a police off duty weapon or a
backup handgun. The now defunct COP Inc. of Torrance, California,
originally produced the COP, or Compact Off-Duty Police. The weapon is
no longer produced but is still available used.

The weapon is basically a four shot derringer and is designed to combine
the flatness of an automatic pistol with instant readiness of a
revolver. It provides the ability to fire quick successive shots while
it can be carried in the loaded and firing position with little chance
of accidental discharge. This is due to having a heavy trigger pull.

The COP has an interesting and unusual firing mechanism. The weapon has an
internal hammer and the pistol has one firing pin for each barrel. As
the trigger is pulled, an internal ratchet is actuated that lines up to
a cocking hammer and one of the four firing pins. After the trigger
has traveled to the end of its stroke, the internal hammer is released,
exerting force on the ratchet which in turn pushes one of the
firing pins forward, igniting the primer, and firing the bullet.
Each subsequent pull of the trigger causes the ratchet to line up with
the next firing pin in the sequence and firing the bullet in that
chamber, until the gun is out of ammunition or the shooter stops
pulling the trigger.

The weapon is made entirely of Semi-matte stainless steel, except for the
grips, which are made of checkered wood. It is very tough and is
relatively heavy at 28 ounces unloaded. It is fairly blocky which makes
it harder to conceal than many two barrel derringers are.

Range: 70 ft (21 m).
Payload: 4 rounds .
Made in: USA.
Special: Highly Concealable, Stainless Steel Construction, Tough Construction

Please check out my other auctions, you will find that you can not find a
better deal for the same item, same condition and free shipping.

And for you lurkers, I will not be lowering the price, and I reserve the
right to end auction early if I receive a local offer first, so its
first come first served...

I am not a FFL, all auctions won will be shipped by the following FFL here
in Las Vegas, at my cost:
to your FFL, USPS Priority Express, with a tracking number and insured.

Payment and Shipping Instructions:

USPS (United States Postal Service) Money Order Only, shipping & Sales to United States Only.

Payment Methods:

Ships Using:

COP Inc., Torrance, Calif. - COP 357 Magnum 4 shot Derringer LNIB Free Shipping - Picture 1
COP Inc., Torrance, Calif. - COP 357 Magnum 4 shot Derringer LNIB Free Shipping - Picture 2

Payment and Shipping Instructions:
USPS (United States Postal Service) Money Order Only, shipping & Sales to United States Only.
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