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Guns for Sale - Makarov -- RUSSIAN MAKAROV PM 9X18 9MM ULTRA _4

Guns for Sale - Pistols For Sale - Item# 9397623

This Auction has Ended
Winner: n*************h
Current Price: $175.99
Quantity:1 lot
Auction Closed:October 31, 2009 13:10:00 PDT
Auction Type:Basic Style
NRA Grade:Good
History: 30 Bid(s) ($0.01 starting bid)
Seller: TempeLoanCo (view feedback)
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Payments Accepted: (NOT SPECIFIED)
Location (State): Arizona (AZ)
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Seller's Description:


You are bidding on a RUSSIAN DESIGNED MAKAROV PM IN 9X18 (9MM ULTRA) CALIBER. Mechanically this gun functions well, bore is clean and finish is fair - good. We offer a 7 day, no-shoot inspection period to guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee the item or items in our auctions to be as described and pictured or your money back. Unless otherwise stated only the items pictured are included in each auction. This firearm has not been test fired, and has only been given a visual inspection only for auction purposes. It is the buyer’s responsibility for determining that a firearm is safe to shoot. If for any reason the buyer is  unhappy with a firearm please refer to the RETURNS Section below for details on returning an item. All auction pictures are of the actual item or items for purchase. Please check our feedback and bid with confidence.


The Makarov PM (Pistolet Makarova, muh-KAR-uhv, is a semi-automatic pistol design from the early 1940s known as "9mm Ultra" by Carl Walther G.m.b.H. of Zella Mehlis for the German Luftwaffe which was transferred to the Soviet Union in 1945. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov, it became the Soviet Union's standard military side arm from 1951-1991.
The Makarov pistol resulted from a design competition for replacing the Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol.  Rather than building a pistol to an existing cartridge, Nikolai Makarov utilized essentially the Walther's cartridge as 9x18mm Makarov. For simplicity and economy, the Makarov pistol, principally a scaled-up Walther PP, was of straight blowback operation, with the 9x18mm cartridge being the most powerful cartridge that its design could safely fire; although the nominal calibre was 9.0mm, the actual bullet was 9.3mm in diameter — shorter and wider and thus incompatible with pistols chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges. Consequently, Soviet ammunition was unusable in NATO firearms, hence, in war, NATO would be unable to use ammunition from killed or captured Soviet soldiers or from Soviet ammunition dumps.
In 1951, the Pistol of Makarov (PM) was selected because of its simplicity (few moving parts), economy, easy manufacturing, and reasonable stopping power. As with the German wartime original, its accuracy was not the best. It remained in service with Soviet military and police until the end of the U.S.S.R. in 1991. Today, the Makarov is a popular handgun for concealed carry in the U.S.; variants of the Pistol Makarova remain in production in Russia and Bulgaria, however, in the U.S., Soviet and East German Makarovs are considered Curio & Relic eligible items by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, because the countries of manufacture, the U.S.S.R. and the D.D.R. no longer exist.
Since 2003, the Makarov PM was replaced by the Yarygin PYa pistol in Russian service.[2] But as of 2008 large numbers of Makarov PMs are still in Russian Military and Police service. The Makarov PM is still the service pistol of many Eastern European and Former Soviet Republics.
The Pistol Makarova (PM) is a medium-size, straight blowback action, frame-fixed barrel handgun. In blowback design, the only force holding the slide closed is that of the recoil spring; upon firing, the barrel and slide do not unlock, as do locked-breech design pistols. Blowback designs are simple and more accurate than designs using a recoiling, tilting, or articulated barrel. Blowback-operated pistols are also limited practically by the weight of the slide. The 9x18mm cartridge is the largest, useful cartridge in blowback-operated pistols. The PM is heavy for its size, a desirable attribute in a blowback pistol; the heavy slide provides greater inertia against recoil.
The PM has a free-floating firing pin, with no firing pin spring or firing pin block. This allows for the possibility of accidentally firing if the pistol is dropped on its muzzle. Designer Makarov thought the firing pin of insufficient mass to constitute a major danger. The Bulgarian-model Makarov is even government-approved for sale in the U.S. state of California, having passed a state DOJ-mandated drop-safety test (its entry is due for expiration on Dec 6, 2009 unless renewed). As a result of the firing pin, similar to the SKS rifle, the firing pin must be free from oil, preservatives, cosmoline, or fouling before shooting in order to avoid a slamfire. If the firing pin does not rattle when the gun is shaken in the direction of travel, it requires cleaning.
The PM's notable features are its simplicity and economy of parts; many do more than one task, e.g. the trigger guard is also the take down lever, the one piece slide stop is also the ejector and the sear spring also is the slide stop (and ejector) return spring. Similarly, the mainspring powers the hammer, and the trigger, while its lower end is the heel (European) style magazine catch. Makarov pistol parts seldom break with normal usage, and are easily replaced using few tools.
In addition to simplicity, the pistol is, unlike the TT-33, easily field stripped and reassembled (including removing the firing pin) without any tools; no more than a minute is required.
The Makarov has a DA/SA (double-action, single-action) operating system. After loading and charging the pistol by pulling back the slide, it can be carried with the hammer down and the safety engaged. To fire, the slide-mounted safety lever is pushed down to the "fire" position, after which the shooter squeezes the trigger to fire the gun. The action of squeezing the trigger for the first shot also cocks the hammer, an action requiring a long, strong squeeze of the trigger. The firing and cycling of the action re-cocks the hammer for subsequent shooting; fired single action with a short, light trigger squeeze. The PM's operation is semi-automatic, firing as quickly as the shooter can squeeze the trigger. Spent cartridges are ejected to the shooter's right and rear, some 18-20 feet away. When the safety is engaged,the hammer drops from the cocked position. The safety lever has a notch that blocks the hammer from striking the firing pin. This is the only safe way to lower the hammer.
The PM's standard magazine holds 8 rounds. After firing the last round, the slide locks open. After inserting a loaded magazine, the slide is closed by activating a lever on the left side of the frame or by withdrawing it to release the slide catch; either action loads a cartridge to the chamber. The pistol is ready to shoot.
When engaged, the PM's safety lever switch blocks the hammer from striking the rear end of the firing pin. The magazine release is on the heel of the handgrip. This is designed to avoid its snagging in clothes, and the accidental, premature release of the magazine.
From the mid-1980s until the early 1990s 9 mm Makarov ammunition was difficult to obtain in the U.S. In that time, one gunship writer suggested and tested the substitution of .380 ACP/9 mm Short ammunition in PM's.  The weapons fired, but were inaccurate beyond short-range, demonstrating keyholing at medium ranges.
Newly manufactured, non-corrosive 9x18mmPM ammunition is currently produced by many modern cartridge manufacturers such as Wolf, Winchester (Under their "Metric Calibers" brand), and Sellier & Bellot. The Russian Barnaul, Novosibirsk, and Ulyanovsk factories also produce ammunition which is imported to the United States and sold under the Silver/Brown Bear brand.
Explicit care must be taken to use the correct ammunition as there are several similar cartridges of 9 mm caliber which can not be fired safely or, most likely, at all in a Makarov. Similar cartridges often confused with the 9x18mm Makarov are .380 ACP (also known as 9x17mm Browning Short, 9 mm Short or 9 mm Kurz) and 9x19mm Parabellum.
9x18mm Ultra or 9x18mm Police ammunition is not compatible with the Makarov, although they have the same 9x18mm designation. The 9 mm Makarov round is 9.25 mm as compared with the 9 mm Ultra's 9 mm and the 9mm Police's 9.02 mm. (see 9mm).

Russian designed Makarov shoots a slightly different round than the 9mm Luger.  Luger is 9x19, Makarov is 9x18.
The correct ammunition is 9x18mm Makarov for most unmodified factory pistols, although replacement barrels and civilian models chambered in .380 ACP and .32 NAA are also available, and will require .380 ACP and .32 NAA ammunition, respectively, for safe firing.

PAYMENT:   Certified Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order , made payable to: PAWN 1ST, LLC          
Receipt of payment (via Certified Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order) is required within seven days of the close of this auction.   PLEASE MAKE SURE THE AUCTION NUMBER AND ITEM INVENTORY NUMBER IS WRITTEN ON THE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.   This item shipped to FFL holder ONLY and a signed copy of the receiving FFL must be received via fax or mail before the item can be shipped. Know your state and local laws. If you cannot own this firearm where you live, please do not bid. We will not end the auction early, so please do not ask. GOOD LUCK !


LOCAL PICKUP:   Local pickup is available for this item, If you are interested in the local pickup option for this item, please contact us via e-mail or phone after the auction has closed.  There are no shipping and handling fees for local pickups, however, all purchases in the state of Arizona (local pickup and shipped items) are subject to sales tax of 8.1%. 

SHIPPING:  High bidder pays $25.00 for shipping in the lower 48. Alaska and Hawaii residents please contact us for shipping additional charges . We only ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) and all items shipped with insurance. AZ residents pay sales tax.  If an item was damaged in shipping please notify us immediately and we will assist in filing a claim with UPS.  Upgraded shipping options are available but must be arranged after winning an item by contacting us via e-mail at [email protected]   


TRACKING:  Package tracking information will be emailed to winning bidder to the email address listed on the winning bidder's AuctionArms Account .  Some email spam blockers will intercept this email so please have spam blockers configured correctly or turned off .  Please do not email requests for tracking information unless it has been at least 7 days after sending payment and FFL .

RETURNS:  We offer a 7 day, no-shoot inspection period to guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee the item or items in our auctions to be as described and pictured or your money back. If for any reason you are unhappy with a firearm, please return it along with proper documentation (FFL to FFL Transfer) and certified shipping for a refund. Please contact us via phone to make arrangements for any returned items.

Pawn 1ST
234 West Southern Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85282
Phone:  480-894-8666
FAX:  480-921-1298 
e-mail: [email protected]


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Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. You can contact the seller by clicking on the seller's nickname. The Seller is required to give the Buyer a minimum of three days to inspect any firearm sold through Auction Arms. See the Auction Arms Terms and Conditions for details.


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