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Guns for Sale - BRNO Arms -- Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser

Guns for Sale - Rifles For Sale - Bolt Action - Item# 9532294

This Auction has Ended
BRNO Arms Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser
Winner: g****q
Current Price: $205.00
Quantity:1 lot
Auction Closed:January 22, 2010 13:22:01 PDT
Auction Type:Basic Style
NRA Grade:Fine
History: 15 Bid(s) ($0.01 starting bid)
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Location (State): Indiana (IN)
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Seller's Description:

NEW IMAGE! See "Bullet Test" picture! Better bore than I imagined!

[NOTE: photo taken from below lip of barrel, so it's even better than pictured! Sorry for the shakes!]

I'll use the description from Wikipedia, as it's better than anything I could come up with!

The vz. 24 rifle is a rifle designed and produced in Czechoslovakia from 1924 to 1942. It was developed from the Mauser Gewehr 98 line, though is not a clone of any specific Mauser model. The fit and finish are of the highest quality.

The vz. 24 rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after WWI. It was a new design, featuring a 600 mm (23.6") barrel which was shorter and more handy than the 150 mm-longer Gewehr 98. FN and Mauser Oberndorf produced similar-length Model 98 variants, the latter designating it the "Standard-Modell'. The thinking was, as with the British SMLE and US Springfield, that a short rifle gave away little in ballistic efficiency at combat ranges, but was easier to handle on account of its shorter length.

"vz." is an abbreviation for vzor, which translates as model, "24" represents the year of the design, 1924 and replaced the 98/22 mauser that was in production before it. The vz. 24 was produced in Brno and Považská Bystrica (from 1938-1942). The only way to identify the production location is by the serial number pattern and the VTLU code. A Brno manufactured rifle would have a serial number as such: 1234 T3. A Považská manufactured rifle would follow this pattern: A5 2345. The VTLU code (Czech acronym VTLU stands for Vojenský technický a letecký ústav - Military technical and aviation institute, which was responsible for acceptance of Czechoslovak army weapons) was an inspection and acceptance stamp. A code observed would be E4-lion-38. The E4 would denote where the acceptance took place (in this case it would be Považská Bystrica), the lion would be the national symbol of Czechoslovakia and the 38 represents the year, 1938.

The vz. 24 rifle was widely used the world over. Japan, Romania, Iran, Guatemala, China etc. Many of the contract rifles made for South American countries were chambered in 7mm Mauser.

During WWII, the vz. 24 was produced for the German occupiers. The factory was located at Považská Bystrica in the Slovak Republic.

Post-WWII Production

As post-script to the vz. 24 story, the production of the Czech Kar 98k-type Mauser continued after the end of the war. Under Czechoslovak Army designation vz. 98N, it served until around 1952 as the service rifle for the post-war Czechoslovak forces, and was extensively exported. Early post-war specimens were identical with wartime versions, and the use of existing stocks of wartime parts continued until exhausted. The receiver marking reverted to a pre-war style Czech rampant lion symbol, although a specimen using a German style receiver code of 'tgf' and the date '1950' has been observed. The left side of the receiver was marked 'CESKOSLOVENSA ZBROJOVKA, AS, BRNO'. The standard settled on was distinguished by a new magazine assembly made from steel stampings, with an over-sized trigger guard for winter use. The new stamping, unlike late-war German stamped trigger guard/magazine assemblies, did not have a detachable magazine floorplate, meaning whole trigger guard/magazine must be unscrewed and removed entirely to clean the magazine. The locking screws, which stopped movement of the bolts securing the action and trigger guard to the stock, were deleted. Stocks were mostly solid (not laminated) beech with the German Kar 98k side sling attachments but no cleaning rod recess, and a German 'Kriegsmodell' type late-war buttplate with firing pin dismantling hole in the side. Examples produced after the Communist takeover in 1948 were marked 'Narodni Podnik'.

The most famous employment of these rifles was being purchased by Haganah arms buyers and smuggled into Palestine before the British Mandate expired on 14 May 1948, and their use in the Israeli independence war of 1948. Shipments to Israel continued after independence of both new-production Czechoslovak rifles, and German-era Kar 98ks, as Czechoslovak arms dealers sold a variety of German-pattern equipment to Israel. With Israel's adoption of the FN FAL rifle in 1955, the Czechoslovak rifles were among the Israeli Mauser rifles converted to 7.62 mm NATO for use as reserve weapons.

In common with elsewhere in Europe, Brno also refurbished large numbers of German Kar 98ks in the immediate post-war period. These are distinguishable by a larger serial number stamped on the underside of the stock behind the pistol grip adjacent to the original German number. Czechoslovak-refurbished Kar 98ks were sold to other Communist states in Europe, and were used by military and paramilitary forces into the 1960s, and were retained for some years afterwards as reserve weapons.

This specimen bears the "E4-lion-38" stamp, indicating acceptance at Považská Bystrica. It also has the stamping, "CESKOSLOVENSA ZBROJOVKA, AS, BRNO", indicating post-WWII production. The left side also has the stamp, "D5 59", though I can't find any reference to it in the Wiki entry.

This specimen seems an oddity if the Wiki entry is correct. It has a removable floor plate, as well as the post-WWII stamp, which seems to be a contradiction. In my opinion, this was originally produced in 1938 (thus the "E4-Lion-38" stamp), and was subsequently refurbished after the war at the BRNO factory. I'm assuming the "D5 59" stamp to mean a date of 1959 for the refurbish.

Overall, the metal is in fine condition; it retains most of its bluing (possibly another sign of a refurbish) and the receiver and trigger numbers match, but not the bolt (again, a possible sign of a refurbish). I stripped down the stock to bare wood, gave it a walnut stain, then a few coats of paste wax. I prefer wax to varnish or polyurethane, as it will never chip.

The bore is bright and shiny, with good rifling. The trigger is crisp and the action of the bolt is reasonably smooth. There are some dings in the metal on the receiver near the floorplate, but otherwise the metal is good.

This would make an excellent base for a sporterized Mauser. A nice Monte Carlo stock and you have a great shooter! Or keep it in its military configuration for battle recreations (it looks very close the the K98). All in all, a very nice rifle!

Payment and Shipping Instructions:

Shipping is by US Postal Service. Cost is $30 for long guns, $35 for handguns.

Payment is by USPS Money Order only. No exceptions.

Payment Methods:

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 United States Postal Service

BRNO Arms - Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser - Picture 1
BRNO Arms - Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser - Picture 2
BRNO Arms - Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser - Picture 3
BRNO Arms - Czech VZ-24 Large Ring Mauser - Picture 4

Payment and Shipping Instructions:
Shipping is by US Postal Service. Cost is $30 for long guns, $35 for handguns.

Payment is by USPS Money Order only. No exceptions.

  Questions from Auction Arms Users...
    Q:  Is it 8mm or 7mm Mauser? 01/19/2010
        A:  Sorry, forgot to add that! It's 8mm Mauser. 01/19/2010
    Q:  Are there any import marks on it? 01/21/2010
        A:  Yes. The front right of the barrel has the following: CAI ST ALB VT K98 GERMAN 8MM The first line is only partially stamped, missing the lower half of each letter; the bottom line is complete. Obviously, the folks at CAI didn't do their homework on this one! 01/21/2010

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